1 - Terms used in this agreement

For the purposes of this contract the term "Registrant" should be taken to mean any person or business making use of the registration system provided on this site. The term "IP Rights Office" refers to the Intellectual Property Rights Office (see "Parties to this Agreement", below). The term "Work" refers to the file or files submitted for registration or intended for submission to registration.

2 - Registering Works

By completing the registration process the Registrant grants the IP Rights Office and its authorized archive partners the unrestricted right to record and copy their Work for archiving purposes only. Any copies made will be treated as confidential and will not be made public or knowingly made available to any persons or organizations other than authorized archivists and, if required by law, law enforcement agencies.

By submitting a file for registration the Registrant asserts that they are the rightful owner of the Work, or are acting on behalf of the rightful owner, and that the details of the rightful owner have been given as those to whom the work is registered, and are correct and accurate to the best of the Registrant's knowledge. The Registrant warrants that all items submitted are suitable for registration, and is aware that the IP Rights Office does not make any judgement regarding the suitability of submitted material.