Services That We Provide Here In Konxept Living

At Konxept Living, we believe a well-designed home is a home in which you can live well with all that defines who you are.  We offer you specialized services to help you fulfill your needs from furnishing homes to offices. We aim to integrate your tastes, budget, and your lifestyle and implement it into your space. Because in Konxept Living, there is no wrong or right way to furnish a home—only your way.


1. Customized Furniture

If you would like to order custom colors, custom materials or specific instructions for your very own unique furniture, Konxept Furniture provides you with one!  Do not hesitate, simply ask our sales person in-store for your inquiries, or drop us an email at, and we will do our best to assist you achieve your dream furniture!


2. Furniture Consultation 

Your dream home starts with a single piece of furniture that you fell in love with. The other parts that transform your dream into a reality start and end at Konxept Living. Our interior design team is made up of highly-talented, professional designers who aims to transform your dream space into your everyday living space . And, as a valued customer of Konxept Furniture, our design consultation is fully complimentary!

3. Interior Design Services

Great design starts with a casual conversation. Don't you think? Our design team—who have a level of expertise in the industry—are ready to listen. Our team of talented designers will spend time to listen to you and to really get to know you.  We know that to meet your needs, and give you something more, it is important to listen to you. We’ll sit with you and talk about your haves, needs, and wants.  We’ll sketch your room and talk about your lifestyle. We will work together from choosing the right fabric, to in-home plan and execution. We will help you all the way to choose what's right for you and your home.