True to Konxept Living's tagline, we are here to Improve Your Life. Our furniture designs are designed to be modernist, and neutral enough in order to avoid nationality and cultural preferences. And on top of keeping up with good designs, we also do keep up with the good prices.

Konxept Living's vision is to present you the finest quality furniture for your everyday life. We work to bring you stylish & affordable furnitures, to ensure that every experience you have with us is fantastic! Our concern is more than just returns. Our goal is to excite you with every single purchase, interaction and product that we deliver. And to do that, we will go beyond just low prices. We focus on providing you with true value. Whether it's customer service, or shopping experience, modern furniture for your office, or contemporary furniture for your living room or bedroom, we are committed to combine excellent product quality and memorable service into one single Konxept Experience!

Offline Store :

  • Main Showroom        
: Jalan Pahlawan Revolusi No. 3, Tanah 80, Pondok Bambu, Jakarta 13430
  • Second Showroom    
: Jalan Pahlawan Revolusi No. 19, Klender, Jakarta 13430